Legal Protection Division

Legal Defense and Security

  • We are responsible for the legal security of foreign trade operations of importers and exporters. Currenly, we shield 9 millions of decarations nationwide.
  • Successful defense of 28 cancellation procedures of Patent Customs Agent.
  • Specialized Legal Defense against determinations emitted by the SAT, Secretary of Economy, State Audit Administrations, SCT, COFEPRIS, CONAGUA, among others.
  • Final resolutions emitted by the fiscal authority in regards to the tax verification faculties indicated below:
    1. Desk Review
    2. Tax Home Visit
    3. Requirements to Third Parties in regards to Taxpayers
    4. Emission of Tax Receipts’ Verification
    5. Fines for the non-compliance to the Requirements of Reports and Documents
    6. Freezing of Bank Accounts
    7. Presumptive Determinations
    8. Requirements of Statements
    9. Fines for the non-compliance of Requirements
    10. Fines for complying the requirements of the authority
    11. Credit Determinations (Settlements)
  • Diverse Resolutions emitted by the fiscal authority, such as:
    1. Return of Favorable balances or undue payments
    2. Compensation of Federal Contributions
    3. Write-offs
    4. Fiscal Consultations
    5. Reviews
    6. Economic compensation
  • Specialized legal defense on:
    1. Evidence and allegations
    2. Appeal for revocation
    3. Nullity Trial
    4. Amparo Trial
  • Accompaniment with PRODECON
  • State Liability
DID YOU KNOW? 100% certainty in the favorable solution of our business results from our specialization in taxation, foreign trade and customs.