Consultancy and Fiscal Strategy
  • Interpretation of the Normativity
  • Evaluations and Processes to Determine the Origin
  • Obtainment of Advanced Rulings
  • Analysis of the Correct Tariff Classification
  • Obtainment of specific criteria
  • Elaboration of Strategies to Minimize the Tariff Impact
  • Specialized Consultations in Foreign Trade Operational Topics
  • Devising of Strategies for the Efficient Foreign Trade Operation and Decreasing of Costs
  • Permanent Consultancy
  • Customs Valuation
  • Design and Documentation of Processes
  • Consultancy during the Audits carried out by the Fiscal and Customs Authorities
  • Specialized Training

DID YOU KNOW? With one only client, we developed a fiscal strategy that other firms of international prestige considered impossible, TLC Asociados achieved a saving greater than 20 million dollars for the Company.